Explode 5.1 track to six separate tracks

I made mistake while recording audio. I was supposed to record six microphones (speaker, interpreters and couple spare mics) all to separate files so that I can edit them separately and combine them as I want but I recorded them all accidentally to one file. At first I thought that I can not fix this and they all will be upon each other and impossible to listen or separate.

But then I put that file to Cubase and found out that they are all in one track but in six separate channels (or lanes?). I googled this from the internet but without success. I tried to do this by exporting file with different settings but nothing worked.

In File > Export > Audio Mixdown…
There is three options under title “Audio Engine Output”: “Mono Downmix”, “Split Channels” and “L/R channels”. Nothing of those does what I want. “Mono downmix” makes the same as “L/R channels”: Two of those first channels is exported to one file and I lose rest four. “Split channels” exports two first channels to two different files but again rest four channels disappears.

I am using MacBook Pro and Cubase LE 9.5. How I can explode this track to six separate tracks?

One track six channels.png

Hi and welcome,

Does Split channels really split only the 1st two channels? I would expect this should do the trick.