Explode dynamics?

Exploding a passage with slurs and articulations? No problem — they all go along for the ride.

Exploding a passage with a dynamic? Not so much — bizarre results.

Splitting a three-note chord with an mf under it resulted in: a) nothing moved to the staves below; b) the bottom note of the three-not chord was stripped away, leaving a two-note interval; and c) there were now two mf’s under the original staff.

Though being able to paste dynamics is a gratefully-appreciated step up from having to Alt-click every staff, it still takes more steps to select a dynamic, copy it, then select the group of instruments and paste it than if the dynamic would just explode along with the slurs and articulations.

Is there a fix on the horizon to include dynamics in Exploding?


It works perfectly for me. Can you post the project, or a screenshot of the original + result?

Yes, this isn’t my experience either. Sorry to hear you’re having problems, but there must be something else in the mix causing problems, or there’s a bad interaction with another moving part on your setup…

OK, here are three screenshots demonstrating the problem.

This one shows the unexploded chords, one with a dynamic.

This one shows what happens if I explode the two chords in two separate actions; the one with no dynamic works, the one with the dynamic doesn’t.

And this one shows what happens if I explode the two chords in one single action; both chords are negatively affected even though only one has the dynamic.

I wondered if somehow it might be the file I was working on, so I created a brand new 4-woodwind file and tried it there — same result.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, as always.