Explode misinterprets triplets when copying or exploding

I have a small exercise I did for ScoreClub.Initially done for piano but intended for string quartet. It has 4 voices and whenever I try to use explode or copy function it misinterprets some of the triplets seemingly randomly. Im using Dorico Pro 4 on a Mac Studio.
Rigaudon Ex. 1.3.dorico (669.6 KB)

If you make sure that the tuplet brackets and/or numbers are properly selected before you copy to the clipboard, you should find everything works reliably. Depending on what result you’re after, you might also find it useful to explode section by section, where a section is defined by a change in the number of voices or the way the voices are used.

Ive tried section by section and part by part. Neither works. All the voices are correct and the triplets correctly labeled.

If you select using the system bar (alt-t) - explode works perfectly.
Rigaudon Ex. 1.3 1.dorico (698.9 KB)

I am new to Dorico. Please elaborate on what you mean.

The System track is the faint grey line above the top staff (toggle it on/off with alt-t)
System track (steinberg.help)

Yes, I know what it is. Please explain the step by step process of exploding my piano piece onto the string quartet staves. Thanks!

Watch the video on the help page, which shows how to select everything for copying. Then select the four staves of the quartet parts and right-click>paste special>explode.

Here is what my attempt at exploding did.
Rigaudon Ex. 1.3 exploded.dorico (713.7 KB)
I tried it both a page at a time, and the whole flow at once (using “Select to end of Flow”). The only place I ran into problems was measure 11, where two new voices suddenly appeared. I edited this so that the active voice was all in Up-Stem Voice 1, which seemed to be what was intended.

I selected the measures in the most basic way, by clicking in a vacant spot so that the whole bar was selected, then shift-clicking in another bar so that everything I needed was selected, and Copied. Then I selected the start measures of the string quartet staves, and Exploded.

I tried shift dragging to hi light all the piano parts. . Then copied. Then shift clicked the first and last quartet measures. Then Paste Special to Explode. It got the first page right, but the rest had misinterpreted triplets. In M11 the color coding indicates the same 2 voices appear as in the rest of the piece.

Shift dragging (or “marquee” selecting) is apt to miss triplet numbers that will define the notes’ duration. And if you click any of the first four left-hand notes at the start of m. 11, the message at the bottom of the window will tell you that it is Down-stem Voice 2, otherwise unseen in this piece.

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So tell me the preferred way to select my piano staves.

Janus & Rinaldo, thanks a lot. I used Select to End of Flow after correcting M11 to V1. Cheers!


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