Explode notes in RH of piano to both staves & voice record issue

Sometimes when doing midi input to a piano staff (both staffs selected prior to recording) the notes are all in the right hand part. Once the notes are on the staff, how can I get it so some notes are in the right hand and some in the left hand automatically. (I don’t want to have to click notes or filter notes and then cut/paste). Paste special, explode seemed like the logical choice, but doesn’t do it.
I am also finding that after pressing Shift-N and pressing record that dorico puts all the notes into one voice even when the rhythm is different. If I just select the rh & lh staffs and start record I get different rhythms in different voices as expected.

This suggests all notes are above the split point.

You might not want to filter/select, but you will have to. The quickest route is to select the notes to move and use alt-M to move them down a stave.

I’m going to really miss the renotate/retranscribe function Sibelius has. I could select the RH notes and select the blank LH part, renotate and it would split the notes between staffs based on the split point.

No, many of the notes were below the split point. If you record notes to just the top staff the notes stay on that staff no matter where on the keyboard you play them. Hence another reason to be able to “explode” the music from the top staff to both staffs. (One could accidentally record into one staff or do it on purpose if music already exists in the other staff).