Explode piano part to multiple instruments

I have written a sketch in a piano part. I want to explode the notes (three in treble, one in bass) to four string instruments. The treble has one rhythm, the bass has another.

When I do this, the top note is copied into the first instrument (good), the second and third notes are copied into the second instrument (bad), and the bass note is copied into the third and fourth instruments (bad).

I believe the different rhythms is the basic source of the problem, because when they all have the same rhythm, Dorico explodes one note each to the four instruments.

It’s common to write a melody with one rhythm, inner parts with another rhythm, and a bass line with a third rhythm. Is there a way to successfully explode that sort of sketch?

First, this would be easier to solve if you included a Dorico file (zipped) of perhaps just a couple of measures so we could see and work with the actual situation.

Second, if the rhythm of the bass is different, why not just copy and paste it into your bass string instrument and then explode the rest?

The short answer is no. Explode is a pretty cool concept, but I don’t find it full-featured and “smart” enough yet to typically be useful to me. That’s not a criticism.

Perhaps the easier way to do this is to just filter and select top/bottom note and copy each line at a time. Still only a few clicks more in the end and then you’d have full control.

“Select More” can be very helpful here too with multiple voices. Click the first note in a voice, Ctrl+Shift+A 3x to select everything in that voice and copy and paste as needed. Just be sure to include any tuplets or grace notes as they won’t be included by default.

(There are also shortcuts for Copy to End of System or End of Flow of course, but honestly I find it easier just to apply Select More multiple times than remember more shortcuts.)

Sounds like a good opportunity for me to learn filtering shortcuts better.

(As for “why not just…”, I was “just” hoping to copy and explode a passage one time as opposed to selecting, filtering, copying, and pasting the same passage four times)

Like I said, I think Explode is a phenomenal concept that hasn’t been fully developed yet.

I can’t imagine how difficult the programming would be to try to “intelligently” make decisions in assigning voices when there are different rhythms. But with what the team has developed already…! Hopefully soon.

Yeah that’s fair. Like how would Dorico know that I want four separate parts and not to divisi one?

Anyway I’ve experimented a bunch and it seems like the way to go is give explode a chance, and if it doesn’t produce a good result then undo and go with manual filtering.