Is there any chance to explode notes and copy/paste just (for example) dynamics or articulation using only shortcuts? I can do that in Finale previously and I think that was incredible. Thank you!

After exploding, you can copy the material that has dynamics or articulations and then do either of the following:

  1. filter dynamics > copy > paste in new staff
  2. after copying, select destination region and use Paste Articulation & Slurs
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You can set shortcuts for all of these functions, or just use the Jump Bar:

EDIT I’m not 100% sure on Paste Articulations but I think it’s a go

What is exploding?

Taking music from one stave and spreading it across multiple staves.
Typically used for e.g. taking triads to three trumpet staves, with the highest note going to Tpt 1, the middle note going to Tpt 2 and the bottom note going to Tpt 3 (and all articulation and dynamic marks going to all three staves).

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(recommended start time embedded)


Hilarious video of what Dorico 3 Could’ve Been. Missed it the first time around.
Thanks for reposting, @Lillie_Harris


Ahahaha I had forgotten that video by the unparalleled @Anthony_at_Steinberg ! :rofl: Thank you @Lillie_Harris for reviving it to us.

Truly an amazing video, a first for me.

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OMG this video is amazing. Love the InstaHarmony with a very long keyboard shortcut - it will input the same note across the entire line, “or as we call it, Alto” :rofl: And those themes like hot dog stand, as a 90s kid I totally remember changing all of our school computers to that theme lol.

The joke about Dorico flashing with an alert when you’ve added consecutive fifths, it seems lately people have legitimately been requesting this feature haha :skull:

Thank you!