Exploding a chord into consecutive players and not instruments

Hello everyone!
I’ve run into an issue when trying to explode the notes in a chord into several players, where the program pastes each individual voice in consecutive instruments, including the ones within each player. Is there a way to use the “explosion” feature and have it paste the notes into the staves that are visible, either in Page, or in Galley view (with or without using Instrument Filters).

Thank you in advance for your help!


It should be the case that Dorico will only explode into the instruments that you select, so try using Ctrl+click (Windows) or Command-click (macOS) to select only the staves onto which you want the music to be exploded, then invoke the Explode command.

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I’m used to using the shift key (similar to agustindalonso?) to select multiple staves. However,I think it selects even the staves that are hidden, whether they belong to other instruments played by the same musician or manually hidden staves. If I’m right, it would be a great improvement for the software if the shift key didn’t include these hidden staves.

Don’t. Instead use ctrl-click to select each stave you explicitly want to affect.

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That was easy! Thank you!