Exploding Divided Part to Two Individual Parts

I created a large orchestral score some time ago in Finale and the notation for divided parts (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, etc.) was input on a single staff - some bars with up & down stems, other bars with single stems when rhythmically identical, and some with single notes for a2. I have created a new Dorico file using XML and want to use the Dorico file for parts creation. I’ve followed the guidance under HELP for copying and exploding, but the only bars which transfer correctly to the new, individual staves are the ones with discreet up and down stems - unison, single stem chords, etc. come over without any separation. Would appreciate help on what must be a very common process.

Dorico doesn’t have an automated way to extract individual lines from a combined staff. (Dorico rather takes the exact opposite approach, and can produce a condensed score with music for multiple players shown on a smaller number of staves automatically.)

So you’ll need to take a different approach. I would suggest using Edit > Filter > Notes in Chords > Top Note or Single Notes to select the top notes in chords or unisons, then paste for the upper notes, and use Bottom Note or Single Notes for the lower notes.

When I follow the Edit>Filter>Notes in Chords sequence I do not then see “Top Note or Single Notes” / “Botton Note or Single Notes”. Is this a separate setting that I should be making?

I found the “Notes in Chords” (as opposed to “Notes & Chords” - my bad) but when I copy and paste using “Top Notes or Single Notes” I still get both notes. The same results using “Bottom Note or Single Notes”.

Once you have filtered the top/bottom notes: do you see them being selected?
If yes, do the Copy & Paste…or even Cut&Paste

KB: Thanks! It was the sequence that I was doing incorrectly.

Filter first for all Upstem Voices, then filter again for Top note/single note. Do the same for Downstem Voices. It will get you closer to what you want.