Exploding tremolos

When exploding music that has tremolos, sometimes the tremolo doesn’t get exploded to all of the instruments.

I’ve discovered that it’s to do with the note that is selected when actually creating the tremolo e.g. If I select the first note, second note or both notes then the tremolo will only be exploded to the first instrument, second instrument or both instruments, respectively.

This behaviour doesn’t happen with playing techniques, articulations, dynamics, ornaments or holds… Does it need to be this way for tremolos?

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As you’ve found, tremolos can be set on individual notes within a chord, and hence when they are exploded, they will “follow” the note(s) on which the tremolos were originally set. This can of course be changed given sufficient time and effort. I’ve made a note of it and we’ll try to take a look at it soon.