Exponential Curve In Logical Editor

Hi, I’m trying to scale a CC input so that it has an exponential curve instead of a linear one.

Unfortunately in the logical editor you can’t use exponents. (not sure I worded that correctly)

Is there a mathematical formula I can use to achieve a curve by just using, add, subtract, multiply and divide?

Okay, so a little more clarification. I’m trying to create a dynamic cross fade between two Kontakt patches. I’ve gotten almost all the way there using midi transformers.

  1. copy notes to multiple midi channels
  2. Copy midi CC to multiple midi channels
  3. Modify CC1 and CC11 on channel 1 only
  4. Modify CC1 and CC11 on channel 2 only

I’m close, I just haven’t gotten the volume crossfades to work quite right and hoping that if I can figure out a formula to curve the CC values, I’ll be able to do it.


Use Ramp (curve) for the MIDI CCs.