Exponential Fade Shortcut

Awhile back I programmed a keyboard shortcut for an exponential fade out and now for some reason, I can’t find where it can be done. I wan’t to change it to something better.

Does anybody happen to know where this setting is? It’s embarrassing that I can’t find it now.

See picture to see the exact command:
Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 7.03.03 PM.png

Is it Options>Customize Commands? And then Edit Shortcut?

Hope that’s what you are looking for/mean.

That’s one place that I looked but I’m not seeing anything about fade outs, or the exponential fade out in this section at all.

Is it hiding somewhere else?

Do you mean for use in the montage? Try Focused clip / Edit / Shortcuts.

Yes, I was looking for the shortcut in the montage, and I found it now, thanks!

There are just so many shortcut options in Wavelab that I forget all the sections and areas where the shortcuts are found for editing.

Maybe it exists, but I wonder if there is a true global shortcut editor that shows ALL shortcuts, they seem to be scattered.