Exponential frequency change LFO simulation using MIDI


Can any person think of a way to emulate a rising (slow to fast) LFO on say CC 74 (cutoff). I’m fine creating a sine/saw/square wave oscillation in MIDI data to control a filter cutoff (I’m a bit old skool having grown up manipulating MIDI data to control outboard and VSTi rather than the automation tracks).

Essentially I’m trying to figure out a way of creating an exponential curve of increasing oscillation over say a 4 bar/measure section. The oscillation cycles start off slow and then begin to increase in frequency towards the end of the 4 bar section.

I’m aware that you can stretch out and condense a set of midi CC data points in the editor, you can also increase and decrease the range curve, just haven’t discovered a way to yield a ‘wind down’ or ‘speed up’ LFO.



Cubase is pretty cumbersome at this kind of thing. Essentially you need to Modulate the lfo rate with an envelope. It would be easy in a modular environment. I use Reason and Voltage Modular for this kind of thing. VCV rack is free, but not sure how nice it plays with DAWs