Export 24/96 to MP3?

can we export 24/96 to m4 ?

It seems PG has a personal animosity against surround and multi-channel implementation for WL. This is ongoing for many years. A lot of audio editing work cannot be done in WL nowadays. Steinberg DAWs like Nuendo and Cubase do surround fine and I use this daily but WL ist conceptually stuck in the 90ies in this regard.

Yes you can export 24/96 to aac m4a. 5.1 and stereo. The problems are with 5.1 flac and ogg. And 5.1 MP3 (5.1 mp3 problems to be expected.).

I doubt it’s animosity - but it is misreading the marketplace (or deliberately restricting the program to a subset of it).

It’s not just 5.1 (7.1, 22.2, etc!); in contrast I work almost solely with ambisonics. That’s 4-channel files for first order - I’ve found ways to cope, but it’s inconvenient at times (the ability to put plugins in the monitoring chain is a big help, because the channels in ambisonic files do not correspond to speaker feeds, and so need decoding for proper monitoring). I shall shortly have a microphone that can give me up to 3rd-order ambisonic output (2nd-order requires 9 channels, 3rd-order requires 16 channels, the mic’s raw output is 19 channels). This leaves me with no practical option for the future other than Reaper (SoundForge has limitations which I can’t work with, and Audition has an unacceptable payment regime); I recently came across Acoustica, which looked very promising until I realised that it has an 8-channel limit.

Ambisonics - that 1970s research project which failed in the market, and was ignored for cinema - is now fast becoming the basis of audio for gaming and virtual reality, and is supported by Google and YouTube; currently 3rd-order (16 channels) is the norm, but some plug-in libraries can handle 4th or 5th order (25 or 36 channels - see the pattern?).

I had honestly thought that this aspect of the market had become clear enough that the long gestation of WL v9 must have signified that it was being worked on seriously at last. But nope, it seems not.


Of course that was meant ironically. All your other thoughts I support strongly. The lack of multi channel features is going on for so long, it isn’t funny anymore. Especially in the light of the Steinberg DAWs, which are surround/multi channel capable since many years. Roughly half of my work is done in surround since many years - I use Nuendo for this. I cannot exchange with the transfer function multi channels files with WL like with stereo and mono files. There cannot be a serious technical reason for this - Wave files can have up to 64 channels interleaved (the last time I looked). The situation makes me angry.

I don’t work with Amisonics etc but I am aware that there has been some work done in this field on VST by York Uni in the UK. These are said to work with Nuendo. Perhaps they might also function in WL. Here is a link in case it is of some assistance.


The York VSTs are very old 32-bit plugins. For an up-to-date survey of ambisonic software, see here.


Very interesting page Paul. Do you use Wavelab instead of Reaper for first-order work? If so is there a particular reason?

Yes. Familiarity and habit are the main reasons, also sample-level editing and super-slick generation of CDs for the stereo “customers”. I go to Audition for 4-channel noise reduction/spectral editing.

I’ve used Reaper for more complex jobs, but can’t say I’m used to it; similarly SpectraLayers Pro for a more modern approach to multi-channel spectral editing.

WaveLab is nearly there in so many ways (the ability to use a plugin for monitoring only, for instance, is absolutely required for work in ambisonics, because the files you are working on are not speaker feeds and so need converting outside the processing stream). But the restriction to eight channels and the lack of multi-channel file handling are fast becoming more restrictive.


Thanks Paul. I hope the improvements you need come to Wavelab.