Export a Text file of track (Track Data)

Is there a way to export (sorry to say this) like Pro Tools "export session data as text?

I can see all the info I need in “Browse Project” and would love to have it in a text or excel file,
I mostly need this for the Music Editor so they can use it for their cue sheets,



You can’t, as far as I can tell. And it’s a drag!

I’ve been asking for some kind of functionality to facilitate cue sheet production since version 3!

If it were possible to export track/filenames and lengths as Excel data… or something… it would really be great. On the post AND compositional sides.

I do not understand why this very useful, usable in any post-production using music, functionality has not been considered, or hasn’t at least been talked about more. Glad somebody else is bringing it up!


I have needed this on so many occasions. One of the top 5 things I miss from ProTools. Hey Timo, how about it?