Export and dll file

Hi Guys,

Got a few questions about cubase 7

I just start with cubase 7. I made a song and i want to open it on a other computer. How can i export it with al the sounds etc etc.

Second question. I got the Quadrafuzz and Tonic plugins. This is a dll file. Is it possible to use this in C7 on mac. And which folder i have to drop it?


  1. Export Audio Mixdown

  2. Any, but making a VSTPlugins folder in the main Steinberg program folder, putting the .dlls there and pointing to it vis Plugin Info VST2.x Paths is standard. Restart Cubase after the fact.

  1. Presumably you mean to open it in Cubase to work on so E£xport Audio Mixdown is definitely not what you want…check out Backup project…creates a new folder with all audio and the project files included for transferring to another computer. You will still need the same plugs installed to get it exactly the same or you could render anything to audio that you don’t have.

  2. No…dll’s are not Mac plugs. Also Quadrafuzz and Tonic were PPC based plugs and won’t work with later versions of the o/s