Export audio: do NOT export as "flow"?

Very basic question:

I wish to export a one-flow project as a simple .wav file, and yet - no matter what I try - it is always exported as a “flow”, within its own, newly-created folder. How can I export it so that it simply shows up as a .wav file, with the name that I give it, in the directory to which I direct it, without any new, dedicated, (automatic) folder?


There’s not currently much flexibility regarding export options. I agree this is something that is always felt extraneous to me, but I’ve just gotten used to it.


Thanks, Dan!
So there just isn’t any way to export an audio file of project without its being packaged, labelled, and stored as a “Flow”?

No, not yet, but if I remember correctly, it has been requested before, and I hope (and believe) it’s a matter of time.

Thanks, Pjotr!