Export audio does not match mixer volume

I just tried exporting my score to audio and notice that it doesn’t keep the volume specified in the mixer in mind.
When I play in Dorico, the volume is louder than when I play the exported file. The volume in the exported audio is the same volume as what it sounded before I made tweaks to the mixer.

Is this normal or am I missing something? I’m using 3.5 Elements

You should certainly find that audio export matches the current Mixer settings. I’m not sure whether the overall loudness of the audio file might be different due to differences in the codec used for the export, but I would hope not. Can you prepare a simple example project that demonstrates the problem?

I’ve uploaded my score.
I did replace the VST with standard HALion so it’s easy for you to open but it doesn’t sound good but the result is the same…
I’ve also added the wav that’s been exported through Dorico.

For me, the exported wav is quieter than when I play it in Dorico. I checked that the volume of the player is at 100% so that’s not it :slight_smile:

I do notice that when I increase the volume sliders in Dorico and export, it increases the volume of the exported file as well but there is always a difference.

Found the issue… I did a test in cubase and it was the same issue so what does dorico and cubase have in common that my wav player doesn’t… ASIO.
I did a search for that on google and it looks like my focusrite ASIO ignores windows volume control so it’s always at 100%. Because my windows volume was at 70%, the wav seemed quieter. When I put my windows volume at 100% it was the same…

Not sure if that’s happening with other interfaces besides focusrite but it’s good to know…