Export Audio doesn't work correctly (sensibly) with multiple scores

I am working on an orchestration. This will be performed with a rhythm section and gospel choir. For the conductor’s score, there will be a single line for the rhythm section. However, as I am working on the arrangement, I have added scratch tracks for piano, bass, drums, guitar and organ. I have these scratch tracks in the second score (concert). The first score is he transposed score I will give to the conductor, which will not have the scratch tracks.

But I want to render the audio with scratch tracks. I would have thought whatever score I had pulled up would be the source of the tracks for the audio. But instead, Dorico is using only the FIRST score. In my case, that is the “official” conductor’s score without the scratch tracks.

I can get around this by moving the concert score to the top position, but I’d think the export dialog should have the means to select which score we want to use.

Yes, at the moment it does indeed use the first layout in the list, just as MIDI export does. This is something we plan to change in future.