Export audio file much quieter than in Cubase


Have had this problem for a while, and am yet to find a solution anywhere- I suspect it’s something simple that I’m missing. In Cubase, the track sounds great (good volume/mix etc) but when I export it to a mpeg file via ‘audio mixdown’, the volume is significantly lower in something like Groove Music. Nothing on the mixer is above -6db at any time and the stereo out is set at about -3.5db, with a standard compressor and limiter attatched, both with default settings. I am very new to producing but I find it odd that the volume would change so much, for, as far as I can see, no particular reason.

I just want it fixed, it’s doing my head in- any help is much appreciated.


Make sure your master fader is set to 0dB.

May be you want to change the pan law to 0dB

Is the volume slider in Groove all the way up? Did you check Windows mixer volume?

Thanks for the replies, still no luck- having the same problem with all of my Cubase projects, even with master fader at 0dB.

Volume slider is all the way up in Groove, yes, and my windows mixer volume is not at full but since I want the audio file to be the same volume as other stuff (spotify, soundcloud, youtube etc.) I can’t see changing it fixing anything.

Not sure about the pan law solution- how would I do that? Any other possible solutions are more than welcome! It’s doing my head in…

Well if you are comparing your unmastered music to commercial releases, then there should be a difference.
The keyword here is Mastering.
I’m sure you can find tutorials on YouTube if you search for Mastering audio.