Export audio files give me lower files

Hi there !
Here my issue : I recorded guitar tracks on my Cubase 11, on MAC, and exported the different stereo tracks in .wav format. I wanted to reprocess these tracks on another computer for my mixing, but I realized that I had lost some volume!

Indeed, when I re-import a track that was previously exported within the same session (on the same MAC), there’s a difference in volume between the non-exported and the re-imported track. For instance, on the same recorded track that was not exported, my maximum RMS level is around -31.7. However, the imported one, which should be identical, shows a maximum RMS level of -47.5!

Why my exported files have a lower volume than the initial recording ? ^^’

Thank you for your help !

Could you post a screenshot showing the settings of the Export Audio mixdown window with, if possible, the tracks involved ? Additionaly, check all your faders, including the Stereo out bus one and the eventual inserts in it that could go in the way…

Yes of course (be careful, it is in french !)
Audio 1 is the intial recording.
Audio 2 is the same recording, after export/import.


French isn’t a problem on my end… :wink:
Beside this, it seems that all is Ok. Have you checked all the faders and eventual inserts on the stereo bus that could act in a more or less hidden way ? In the same league, are you using the Control Room and if so, any inserts that could have been forget ?

Beside this, I guess that your first screenshot shows one of the audio track to be exported and under, the its reimported version. If the case, there is indeed an obvious levels difference between the two that I’m unable to explain with what i’m seeing… :neutral_face:

I checked but I never insert things on the stereo out :confused: It would be really surprised.
Maybe it’s because I export while i wasn’t using the initial audio interface ? I export my tracks while I was using the Mac’s audio system, and not my Audient ID14. I would try tonight… !

Yep, worth a try, even if I doubt it. Difficult to say whether it’s relevent or not : my understanding of the matter is that it shouldn’t make any difference, but I could be completely wrong, as I never tried an Export Audio Mixdown on another system than my DAW. So, who knows ?