Export audio for a section of a flow

I wonder if anyone has a better way of exporting audio for a small section of a flow.

Please let me explain: I am making backing tracks for exam candidates, and they don’t need the whole of a Mozart movement, they just need, says bars 35-37 recorded at half speed.

I have previously scanned the whole movement using PlayScore 2 on Android and imported the XML into Dorico, followed by some fettling with slurs and dynamics etc,

To export the audio, here is my current workflow on a Mac: set the tempo to something slow, start playback at bar 35, and use Audio Hijack to record the sound. That works, but it feels kind of long-winded.

Any suggestions welcome.

Many thanks

I would probably just create a new flow with the section of music I require (by Duplicating the flow in Setup mode & deleting what I don’t need) then using Dorico’s in built audio export (File > Export > Audio).

Benefits of this being if I have multiple sections I need, at multiple tempos etc, I can just set them all up as separate flows, then Dorico will export each as a separate audio file (with the ‘Export each selected flow as a separate file’ option checked).

Interesting - I never really noticed the “Duplicate Flow” command. I’ll investigate. Many thanks for responding.