Export audio for custom score layout

Good morning,

Is anyone aware of a way to export audio from a specific Custom Score layout without creating a new flow? I got some suggestions from a colleague about moving the desired layout to the top of the Layouts list, but even so, I only ever get the default Full Score layout.

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!


Dorico Version
MacOS 10.14.4

Hi Neil,

By default, all players are exported in the audio mixdown. You’d need to open the mixer and mute the channels you didn’t want included.

Hi Dankreider:

I am having the same problem. I tried muting the tracks I didn’t want to export and, within Dorico, it played only the instruments I wanted. When I tried to export the audio, however, all the instruments in the score were exported.

Any ideas?

Are you using NotePerformer? If so, you need to open the NP mixer in the Play menu and mute or solo tracks there - not using the Dorico mixer.

I suppose as a workaround you could select the unwanted staves, Edit-Select to End of Flow, delete everything in those staves, export audio, and Undo. Easy enough, though a little inelegant!

Thanks Dan.

I am not using NotePerformer, just the interface that comes with Dorico. I see how the instrument erase approach would work but I am always leary of relying on the computer to undo multiple steps in case it crashes.

I will probably create a copy of the project then remove the unwanted instruments for recording purposes. Yes it is inelegant but it will get the result I want.


Sorry for the delay in reply here and thanks for everyone chiming in. I, too, had the same issue with muting tracks. I’m using a mix of Kontakt instruments and the built-in Halion instrument.

The deleting of material/undo is a possibility (and actually what I used to do with Sibelius), but I was hoping for a cleaner solution here.

Thanks, all!

Muting in the mixer window works fine here on audio export for single instruments.

Inside Noteperformer I mute the single instruments in NPs own mixer window.

For multi instruments it’s the best to mute individual channels/instrument-slots in the instrument plugin that contains more than one instrument (like Halion or Kontakt) if the single instruments of the multi are routed into a single mixer channel. Sounds complicated but you just have to open the Halion and deactivate the instruments you don’t want to hear.

Thanks Saxer. You pointed me in the right direction.

I had assigned in playback different MIDI channels for each instrument and in HalionSonic separate sound patches for each of these channels but I hadn’t noticed that HalionSonic was only showing one audio output to the mixer. Once I increased the number of outputs that the mixer saw to cover all instruments, the muting of the individual parts worked both for playback and for audio export.

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