Export audio from different voices to different files

I’m working on a Choir Reduction Part and need to export audios for practicing.
As I have only one Instrument (Choir) I am able to playback on different channels (independent voice playback in play menu).
But while exporting audio, I’m missing to export these channels (voices) to separate files…
Any suggestions?

I’m afraid at the moment you can’t do this, Theo. Your best bet would be to use the voice-specific filters to filter the voice you don’t want to export and use the Suppress playback property, then export the audio for that instrument, then un-suppress that voice’s playback and do the reverse. Or after filtering the voices, copy them to new instruments and export them as separate files.

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Thank you for this suggestion,
In this case an option to “rename” each file before export would be helpful to not have to make it in different location avoiding file overwriting.

I would explode the choir into 4 new players. If they are currently in separate voices, it would be a matter of a few clicks. Then you would have 4 files to export and none to rename.

Thank you!

Thanks! You made my day. :+1: