Export audio issue with Cubase 6.5.5

Hi Guys,

First time poster here.

I have looked everywhere for support on this before posting and I am unable to resolve the issue myself. I have looked in the manual (That huge paper one that sits on my monitor) and I have also looked through the forum and also on the net.

I have an issue with exporting audio. I have a few pictures that I hope can assist in helping me work out this annoying issue.

Ok, So in the first picture I have made a lead with an instrument track and I have liked what I have made and would like to bounce this down to audio for further editing. I have soloed the instrument track and then opened the export menu. I have chosen the destination and also selected to export as a wave file at 32bit (float). I have also selected to import into pool and insert into the track.

If you look at the picture, you will see that I have selected 8 bars but the bounced audio is actually longer then the original. It is also longer (Not the same tempo) and also if I use the stretch tool (number 1 key twice) and move it back to the tempo, it will change the sound altogether. You can also see the midi in the above instrument track.

The second picture is the same process but I have selected realtime export, to see if this would make a difference.

Hay, this maybe a very simple option or something I have bumped. But it never used to do this but has now started to be a PITA for my production and work.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated and I would like to thank in advance.

I do appoligize, I have just see a post 3 or 4 posts down.

I will check the information in here.


This has been resolved. Should have looked harder.

Was just a sample rate miss match. I must have changed the sample rate while bouncing. Changed back and all is working fine.