Export Audio Length Problem

Has anyone else experienced the following problem.

When exporting audio, in my case to create stems for film work, the exported files are not the same length as distance between the markers. For instance, Saturday I was exporting a mix that was approx 8m30sec, and when I exported it it came up 1sec 22 frames short. All I needed to do was slip it that far and everything lined up. But, obviously this is a problem for stem creation.

Any thoughts?


Could you provide a simple step by step walkthrough that results in the behaviour you’re experiencing?
(Start with an empty project with no user defined template)



  1. Create New Project
  2. Import a video file
  3. Create audio track
  4. Import any necessary audio
  5. Set markers to the beginning and end of the video file
  6. Export audio

These files are not the same length as the video file.


If you import your audio file back into your Cubase project, does the corresponding audio file end before the right locator? If so, is it cropped in the beginning or end of the file?

Is the project frame rate set accordingly to the same as the video file. Cubase should warn you if there’s a discrepancy but I don’t know if it’s rock solid.

You say you export your audio so I assume you’re trying to merge or playback the video and mix in another program, is that program playing back the video with the correct frame rate?

Approx 8m30sec ≈ 510sec
1sec 22f in 30fps ≈ 1.73sec

511.73 / 510 ≈ 1.0034 which would translate to a frame rate difference of roughly 0.1f at 30fps but that’s nonstandard. I’m beginning to think there’s something simpler (or harder).

BTW, thanks, you got me off my ass to install Quicktime on my new system!

Edit: Ok, for none of the test video files I tried did Cubase show any signs of displaying erroneous lengths due to fps mismatch so no luck there. Tried dragging some audio in there, mark the video file, hit ‘P’, export audio and import into project, no problems.

What about audio sample rate, are you sure everything is green there as well?


Thanks for taking the time to test this. I will look at it again tonight. I am quite sure it is not a frame rate or sample rate. I will report in the morning exactly what I did to create the problem. Also, it shortens the file at the top. I simple shifted the track 1s22f forward and it lined up. Not sure if it is always 1sec 22f, will run sme tests.