Export Audio missing FX

Version 5.1. The 24-bit wav file is noticeably drier than the output I hear when playing back my dorico project. I have to assume it’s not including the FX.

If it’s relevant I’m using NPPE, MIR on several dorico channels. Those channels have some amount of send to the FX channel where there’s another reverb and a couple effect on the main output. I don’t think I’ve noticed this before. Attached the project for troubleshooting.

frostbite.dorico (1.2 MB)

I thought I’d demonstrate by way of an MP3. The first excerpt is exported from Dorico while the second is recorded using Audacity as the audio application. I think it’s clear how different they sound and I’m just wondering why the export doesn’t capture the same thing.

Sorry, call me ignorant, but to me the only difference is the sound level between the two. Same for me as well, when I play the project in Dorico and export it.

Hmm. I’m hearing the flute much ‘closer’ in the export than the second version which is why I think the FX channel in particular is being bypassed. I agree the overall volume levels are different because I normalized my recorded audacity version. Hopefully that doesn’t skew my point though.

I wonder if it’s MIR? I have an instance on each channel but I wonder if it doesn’t really get routed back to Dorico?

Thank you for looking at it @Ulf . I’ll keep investigating. Glad to know it works as expected and there’s something specific to my setup.