Export Audio Mixdown: Cancel

Export Audio Mixdown’s “Cancel” button does not work in any case where I’ve tried it.

The export continues to finish.

Yes, it sometimes work and sometimes it doesn’t. This prolem is since I have been using Nuendo 4 and then switch to Cubase 7, 7.5 and now Pro 8.

I have this issue as well. It can be frustrating if you have a big project, and you remember you forgot to mute a track or something. Still have to wait through 5 minutes of exporting.

Yet, somehow, we can’t seem to get this issue “confirmed.”

I can’t reproduce it.

Steve, are you mixing down real-time, or offline?

It’s the only variable I can think of (offline mixdown here).

I tested both.

This seems to have got better for me in 8 than it was previously, as 7/7.5 never actually let me cancel once it started (honestly,not once can I remember it ever working), but I would say it’s only 50% of the time at very best that it works as intended, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!

This is still a problem in Cubase 9.

Been a problem for many, many years. Seems to impact very large / complex projects and offline exporting. Cubase isn’t alone. Nuendo has always been like this. Adobe programs also suffer from this problem. Example: Photoshop will often not respond to rendering a very large image resize.

Most likely comes down to some kind of execution queue - like the software doesn’t pay attention to the cancel execution until it’s finished dealing with whole bunch of other data crunching. Cancel function works for me 100% of time until the project reaches a certain size - then cancelling is pretty much unresponsive. Again - it’s been like this for 10+ years, on 20+ different systems I’ve worked on, with both Nuendo and Cubase.

It’s a problem. Everyone I’ve ever worked on this platform has experienced it. It’s been a running joke on a few sessions: 'Hit the cancel button Bob! Hahaha." If Steinberg can’t reproduce it they are probably testing on simple projects. Try a project with countless plugins, tons of tracks, edits, video, automation, etc - punish your system like the rest of us. Then try it. You’ll reproduce it I’m sure.

Again - I’m sure this comes down to some kind of execution queue. The cancel button doesn’t seem to have priority. Not a big deal when the project is relatively resource light, as it can feed the command into the list of things to do. But when that list gets really big, it’s entirely useless. I just tested it on 9.0.3 on a very large project - totally useless. You can hit it 100 times during the export and it will just be ignored.

BUMP to this thread. Been a bug as long as I can remember. How on earth can this still be a problem. It’s as if Steinberg just want to entirely ignore this one glaring glitch.

Additionally, I rarely get a progress bar when exporting. I can’t use the cancel button basically 100% of the time. Running 9.0.4, on a up to date windows 10 i7 machine.

+1 for this one … I think I spent several hours of my life waiting for Cubase to end a “wrongly” executed export (e.g. shortly after hitting the Export button I notice “oh… I forgot to mute/solo channel xyz”). Of course, this is my fault in the first place, but it’s always a frustrating user experience to hit the Cancel button several times and nothing happens (you could really just remove it, then).
And then I have to disrupt my workflow and do something else for 5-10 minues.
This is still the case with Cubase 9.5. I just post here because I found this thread when googling the problem and yeah … no need for a new thread, I guess.

I also have the problem with the progress bar not working ~80% of the time.

Using Cubase 9.5.3 on Windows 10. Not using realtime export.

I noticed the first time i export/mixdown the project it doesn’t respond and also the progress bar is not working. The second time it works. Strange.

bumping this while waiting for exportaudio mixdown to cancel… forgot to unsolo…
My projects are always large. For me the text “cancel” isn’t even visible (just a white box) and the progress bar doesn’t count the %, however the playhead moves in the project. Cubase 10.0.15 on Win 10.