Export Audio Mixdown Dialog: No History List Under Path

Cubase Pro 11 is no longer remembering any file path history in the Export Audio Mixdown Dialog. Initially Cubase 11 did show my history, then it seemed to stop updating it, now history is just gone, and is never saved.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Open a project
  2. Create and export range
  3. Open the Export Audio Mixdown Dialog
  4. Choose a file path
  5. Export a mix
  6. Click the “Path” dropdown
  7. Note that there is no history there, only the 3 default options
  8. Choose a different export path
  9. Export a mix
  10. Click the “Path” dropdown
  11. Note that there is no history there, only the 3 default options

System information:
Cubase Pro 11.0.10

Model Name: iMac
Model Identifier: iMac19,1
Processor Name: 8-Core Intel Core i9
Processor Speed: 3.6 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 8
L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
L3 Cache: 16 MB
Hyper-Threading Technology: Enabled
Memory: 64 GB
Boot ROM Version: 1037.
SMC Version (system): 2.46f13

Audio Interface: Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen

Projects are saved on a Samsung Portable SSD T5 1TB USB 3.1 External SSD


I cannot reproduce it here. It works as expected to me. What macOS version do you use, please?

Could you make a video screen recording, please? Maybe something is set up different on my side.

MacOS 10.15.7 (Catalina).

Here is a video:


Sorry, the video has low resolution… But I didn’t see, you would choose a new folder to export to. Or am I missing something?

Pardon me, I totally forgot about this thread!

This issue is still true for me, and my brother: there is no file history in the Export Audio dialogue. This has been true since 2020, and nothing seems to fix it.

Cubase Pro | Wavelab 10.0.60 | MacOS 11.6.8 | 2019 iMac 5k | 64 GB RAM | Scarlett 18i20 interface