Export Audio Mixdown exports wrong Track Version

Export → Audio Mixdown seems to export the first Track Version of audio and not the one active.

  1. Create an audio track
  2. Create new version through Version Pop-Up and change audio somehow
  3. Export via Export → Audio Mixdown
  4. The first Track Version is exported, not the active one

Cubase 12 Pro, MacOS Ventura 13.5, RME 802

Is the original muted?

Not specifically. I assume any items on a track with Track Versions are muted automatically if they’re not on the activated “version”.

Just to clarify, I’m talking about the actual functionality of Track Versioning, not just duplicating tracks:


I cannot reproduce it here on my side. What I did:

  • Add an Audio Track, put some Audio Event into it.
  • Duplicate Version.
  • Resize the Audio Event to its half.
  • Switch to the track version 1, select the Audio Event and press [P] to set the locator to the selected event (the length of the Audio Event in the track version 1)
  • Switch back to the track version 2.
    → You can see the Audio event is just half of the LR Locators length.
  • Export Audio Mixdown; set the After Export to Create Audio Track.

=> The exported Audio file is in length of the LR locator but only in the 1st half is the signal visible (as expected).

Hi Martin

Thanks for taking the time. I could not reproduce it either now on a new project. It happened on a pretty busy project with lots of tracks and bounced files.

Well. All good then.

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