Export audio mixdown file path glitch on windows

Does anyone have an issue where in the export audio mixdown dialogue box you click on the file path that already displays a certain path and instead of taking it to that folder and letting you navigate/relocate from there it takes you to somewhere else… often the path used in the previous project… surely it should open the file explorer window in the path that’s in the “file path box”?

If you say set the file path to desktop then click on the dropbown arrow and tick use project audio folder but want to actually navigate into a sub folder or back one so you click on the path… the explorer window will still come up with the desktop even though the path has changed to the project audio folder in the file path box.
It’s actually a big productivity slowdown for me as I am often bouncing into complex file structures for clients.



Yes, this has been reported already. The last user path opens (the last you have in the list).

Thanks Martin! /-)