Export Audio Mixdown from Arrangement

I would really like to be able to export arrangements direct from the Arranger Track without having to create a flattened project first. It could be a new option in the Export Audio Mixdown window, alongside the current options for Locators and Cycle Markers. If them, why not this too? Points in favour:

  • When I’m trying out an arrangement, I’m not really interested in the tracks and events, just the final result. It’s quicker to export directly, especially if you’ve got a few you need to send off quickly.

  • Any tweaks to the track will not necessitate a re-flattening.

  • Flattened events don’t always sit happily against each other (I use a lot of live audio). Clicks happen and cross-fading becomes necessary, which is a faff.

Any takers?

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Absolutely support this idea - quite a few times had a total road block on the way of exporting arranger track versions. It’s actually became so frustrating that I stopped building tracks using Arrange track functionality. I don’t want to commit to arrangements [i.e. flattening] before printing them!

Thanks for the support. Let’s hope you’re the first of many. Spread the word! :grin:

You can do this already.

Well don’t keep us in suspense, Luke. How?