Export Audio Mixdown from recording TD-27 as midi

Hey there everyone. I have a Roland TD-27 plugged into my pc via USB, recorded in Cubase Elements 11. I have a single track with all of the pads tracking as midi, recording is good and I can play back my recording directly within Cubase. I am having trouble exporting the audio as either a .wav or .mp3. I go to Export, Audio Mixdown, set everything to output .mp3, and I just get a completely empty audio file. The audio file when opened in Audition is the same length as the recording in my Cubase project that I have highlighted/selected, however there is no wave form. I cannot seem to figure out what I am missing to output my recording as a playable audio file. Can anyone guide me in the right direction?


Can you post a screenshot of your Audio Export Window.

The forum initially won’t let you post it until it has decided you are not spam or a bot. If you spend 10-ish minutes reading (aka slowly scrolling through posts) it will decide you are OK.

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  1. You need to record the AUDIO OUTPUTS of the Roland IF you want those sounds to show up as AUDIO.

All you are doing right now is recording MIDI to Cubase which is then sent back out to the Roland to trigger its sound.

You would need to use the Master outs or the Direct Outs on the Roland. You would also need to assign the pad you are triggering to those individual outputs you are using.
In addition you would need to create the audio input busses in Cubase to reflect those as well.

  1. You HAVE to have your Left and Right Locators to cover the length of the recording or you will never get anything int he Audio Mixdown showing up.

*Its the same process here for me as well. IF Im triggering a drum VSTi then no big deal.
HOWEVER, IF I want to record the actual audio from the Roland pads that Im hitting which trigger the Roland TD brain , THEN you have to assign the outputs on the Roland to the pads you are hitting. This may require more that one pass since we have limited AUDIO OUTPUTS on our Rolands.

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Thanks for the guidance, that makes sense. I’ll give it a try, or maybe I should try something like EZ Drummer. I recorded with a KAT KT4 into Cubase with EZ Drummer in the past and had good luck with it.


UNLESS the Roland has an audio driver and it is selected in Cubase you won’t hear the Rolands sounds. I don’t think they do that but I may be corrected.

VSTi is the way to go IMO, I NEVER use the sounds on the Roland