Export Audio Mixdown menu

Anyone else have weirdness in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog box? Specifically the File Name and Location area?? Every time I open the export window it seems to have the LAST project i exported in the File Name, and the PATH to its location. Why isn’t it updated automatically based on the project I am currently working in? I know I can click on “Set to Project Name”, but it should auto update, dontcha think? And when I click on the Path area it takes me to my last audio files folder, not the current one. What gives? And not to mention i can NEVER SEE the ENTIRE path in the field even if i stretch the box out. See pic…
Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 9.56.13 PM.png
On a side note… What’s up with Greg Ondo lately and the Hangouts?? MIA??