Export Audio Mixdown not following Arranger Track

Good Day Folks.

I have this track which plays perfectly on Playback, ie it follows the Arrranger Track I’ve programmed.

On Export Audio Mixdown following the Arranger Track is hit and miss. It’s a bit better doing a Real Time Export but not much.

The only way I could successfully do the Export was to first Flatten the Arranger Chain.

Is this normal ??

Thanks in advance.


Yes, this is correct. Export Audio doesn’t follow Arranger track.

Hi Martin, thanks for the reply.

So, what exactly is the purpose of the Arranger Track if it’s not used during Export Audio ?

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I’ve had some success… just make sure you have set the Locators properly - i.e. to accommodate the Arranger Track’s entire ‘playing time’ of your song.

So, calculate the length of the expected song duration and set the L+R Locators to that length (or longer.!), and then do your Export Audio Mixdown. (Make sure there’s only blank space to fill to the end of your Right Locator - that one’s caught me out a few times.!).

Or, Flatten the chain first as you’ve been doing (save a copy of the project first.!); or Export in RealTime.!

Good luck.! HTH,

Obviously the purpose is to be able to do all the things you can do with the arranger track.


The purpose is to to be able quickly restructure/re-arrange your song. Just by defining the music building-blocks (pieces) and then reorder them freely and very quick way. You can experiment and get a quick results. Your producer can ask for re-arranging and you can play him the result within a few seconds.

Once you are happy, you can Flatten it to a new project (or the current project) and polish the cuts (if necessary). Then you can export it.

Thanks for all the answers.

I was especially struck by Puma0382’s response. Makes sense, though I never would have thought of it. Excellent.

For now, I prefer not to flatten in order to export using arranger track. I wanted to reiterate what others have said. Based on my trial and error, when you need to export using an arranger track:

  1. Move the right locator to the right to account for the extra number of measures that the arranger track produced. For example , in my case I used arranger track to repeat two measures, I moved the right locator two measures to the right. NOTE: not sure if you shorten a song if moving the right locator to the left works also.

  2. Use Real-Time Export

I was about to create an identical topic, but found this thread, fortunately. In my case, I get the ‘arranged’ version and the full project stitched together in the rendered audio file. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that the engineers didn’t bother to tweak this feature in this mode to work the way it should, without ‘flattening’ or wasting time on real-time export… They are halfway there already…
(upd.) Real-Time Export doesn’t work - I get constant messages ‘A disk overload’ or ‘Timeout occurred’’, while ‘flattening’ works pretty well…

But you don’t need to flatten first ? I export without flattening and it works fine. You just need to have the arranger button pressed for it to activate that feature.

If I don’t ‘flatten’, I always get an extended audio file, i.e. the ‘arranged’ clip followed by the entire project (what’s wthin the locators), and I have to cut it afterwards, which is inconvenient. If I ‘flatten’, I get the required ‘arranged’ clip only, but it’s still time-consuming (‘flatten’, create a separate project, move the locators). Either way Real-Time Export does not work and the activated (yellow) arranger track is a prerequisite.

Ah i see yes. Like someone mentioned currently the only work around would be to calculate the length needed for the arrangement and set left and right locators to that duration.


What would happen if you would set the Left and Right locators to the very same position? So the Locator Range would be 0?

triton100, thanks! Yeah, it works perfectly. I must have overlooked this piece of advice.

Hi Martin!
The export will be impossible and a message ‘The export range is empty. Please set the left and right locators’ will pop up.