Export Audio Mixdown of all channels

How do I export ONE file that contains all audio channels ? I can only select one channel at a time, unless I check Batch Export which gives separate files per channel. I can’t route all of my audio to one output, because my template is setup to interface with a 48-ch external mixer.

I want a stereo mix of everything. Should be really obvious but somehow it isn’t …

If you want a stereo mix of everything, you need a some kind of stereo channel or bus, that “everything” is routed (or sent) to. Or you record the sum of your 48 ch. mixer back into Cubase. Or your soundcard´s 48 output channels looped back, (if available). You can´t mixdown a signal that does not exist anywhere…

Not sure what you’re last you mean by a ‘stereo mix of everything’. Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree, but Is it that you want to actually export mono files as stereo? Or is it that you want to export a 48track wav file?

Anyway, multiple channel wav files are a bone of contention for me in both Cubase and ProTools… I guess I’d like a few more features!

In Cubase you can export multiple channel files by creating a multiple channel group file and then selecting that group to be the export channel. For example, a quad channel group will create a quad channel. There’s no way of suggesting for example an ‘N’ channel file though, so I think you’re stuck if you’re needing 48 channels.

On the PT side, it’ll only import stereo of mono files, not quad files for example, just annoying, no biggie. When I create quad files in Cubase I have to re-import them into the Cubase pool to even split up the files into separate mono files! Could do with a menu command for splitting and combining wav files in the pool.


I want one stereo mix of all channels in Cubase. Simple as that, but can’t see how you can do it ? Batch exporting of audio channels, sure, but one stereo mix of everything ?

Left & right locators at either end of what you want to Export. Export.

You need to look closer at the Export box. There will be an option for Audio mixdown. You probably missed it, should be at the leftmost box where it is probably reading for batch export amd not the stereo mixdown.

If you’re not fixed later I’ll take a look at where you might be foxed.

Well, yes, what thinkingcap is saying in different words is that you don’t have a stereo channel to export. You have to create a stereo group or an output buss and route your 48 channels to that, then you can export the stereo mix. Or, you route your external 48->stereo mix back into a stereo channel which you record in real time.


Well it’s starting to look like I can’t do it …

All the channels in Cubase are by default routed to different outputs of my MADI Card (ie Ch1 goes to MADI OUT 1/2, Ch 2 goes to MADI OUT 3/4, etc.) but sometimes I need to just do a summed mix of everything as an MP3 and the mixer is not available for me to route the stereo buss from it back into Cubase.

As far as I know I can’t route a channel to two places simultaneously in Cubase so I can’t see how it can be done.

You could use sends to a stereo group in Cubase, or if your MADI Card is an RME use totalmix to sum the busses.

My card is an RME and I often use Totalmix to sum the channels to the headphone output ! I’ve routed channels 1-62 to 63/64 and have set the headphones to monitor 63/64.

But how I would I use Totalmix in this scenario: you mean sum the channels and route them to a Cubase input to record ?

Yes, either sum the playback outputs to a hardware free output and use the loopback feature of the totalmix to re-record in Cubase, or Total Record to record in Digicheck (PC only IIRC). Both ways will have you to convert to mp3 in on additional step though…

You could then loopback Channel 63/64 and create an input in Cubase (be careful with feedback loops though) or as written total record

Ok, thanks everyone, I have a much better idea of how to do this now :ugeek:

Hi, I think you can do it in cubase as well (the totalmix solution is perfect, still):

I think I remember that any type of summing channel (groups and output busses) can be used as a source for any audio channel. For each output bus you create one audio channel in the mixer and set their sources to the respective output channel. Route these audio cannels to one single stereo output bus (which does not have to have ports assigned, i.e. no physical connection to the outside world necessary).

Cheers, Ernst