Export Audio Mixdown Recent Paths

In older Cubase versions I allways used memorized “recent paths” under File location/Path at audio export.
in C9 I don’t get this paths anymore - it stays empty.
Is this bug or I am missing something??

I noticed some strange behavior here as well. Since C9 when I export, unless I remember to check the export directory my exports are going to wrong folders!
It is different than v8… It’s annoying. No matter what Cubase doesn’t seem to ‘learn’ where the files should be going to.
To make matters worse, I continually switch back and forth between export batch channels and export the mixdown. With one interface and 2 completely different tasks to perform… It gets tedious and easy to overlook one of the details.
Better ‘path’ remembering would improve… or rather, get us back to v8…