"Export Audio Mixdown" Sample Rate setting.

Hello SB,

Please change the “Export Audio Mixdown” Sample Rate setting to ‘save with the project’, not save with the application or last used. Do not have “Export Audio Mix Down” Sample Rate set to the last changed project as it has since v1.1. (same with File Type, and Bit Depth settings)

This is one of those operator error traps set by Nuendo since v1.1. We are a commercial studio. We get projects sent to us for mixing at 44.1k ,48k, 88.2k, 96k. Often working on these and switching between them multiple times during the day. It is a PITA and time consuming to keep track of changing and checking this perimeter every time we open an exciting project.

For that matter, save project settings to project and save settings to application has been getting more and more complicated and confusing as version update come out. I was working on a project with the Bars and Beats set to 1/8 notes triplets. Then I closed the application. Next day I opened a previous project that was supposed to be dotted 8th, but the timeline came up triplets. What? Nuendo never did that before. There are other parameters that make no sense to be saved with the application that should be save to the project. Is there a list of these somewhere? I understand some parameter should stay global like the Control Room but please let’s have project parameters saved with the project, not saved with the application or last opened.

Thank you,
Nuendo is great,