Export Audio Mixdown Templates

Export Audio Mixdown templates would be helpful.

The 2 most common types of mixdown that I do are:

  1. .wav file exports for sampling/re-sampling and
  2. .mp3 export for full ‘takes’.

I find myself constantly having to rebuild the entire export specification since I switch between these 2 types of mixdowns many times in a single production.

I would like to build an export template for .wav files and another for .mp3 files. Each template should allow me to specify a target export directory as part of the template.

This would save me lots of time.

+1. Every other page and screen and section has presets , and the busy audio mixdown page has…none???

Been screaming for this for ages…would be a big boost to ‘workflow’…ignored.

Yes, I miss it too! Please for Cubase V9.6 :slight_smile: