Export Audio Mixdown to FLAC: problem

It seems that Nuendo’s (and Cubase) problem with the FLAC format is not limited to recording: when making an Audio Mixdown Export to FLAC, the problem is quite similar to using FLAC as a record format.

I exported a 90 minutes mixdown to FLAC that took 30 minutes to export. When the export was finished, the export function hanged in there for another 15 minutes before freeing up Nuendo.

Clearly, there’s something going on with the FLAC implementation that’s really suboptimal…

Just out of curiosity; how long would it take to convert a 90 min .wav to FLAC?

Out of curiosity or out of an agenda? Anyway, the answer is “not long”.

The point, again, is that if you offer a feature, make sure that it works as it should.

No agenda. I was just wondering because if it took like 15 minutes then that’d sort of explain the delay, maybe.

Like Nuendo would cache to an uncompressed format and then, when the export is done, convert it to FLAC?

Compressed formats, lossy and lossless, need buffers to work, but certainly not the size of the whole file…