Export Audio Mixdown using external VST

Hi Brian, good to hear it’s finally working! You can delete all the audio tracks with failed ‘audio render’ attempts. I always keep the original midi files in case I hear some things I decided I want to do differently but of course keep them muted after the files have been rendered to audio. You can also hide them from view in the inspector so you’ll only see you audio files in the project window.

Not sure what you mean exactly with this. But you can always un-mute a midi track/part and let it play back to the GP607. Make edits in the midi as you wish and render the edited results into a new audio file. This way can build as many versions as you want and decide which one is best.

This is a screenshot of another test using an existing midi recording,which I’ve renamed, so that the original doesn’t get overwritten. It’s set up with the same inputs and outputs as in my previous test, which worked. However, this one is midi only, without it having been recorded with audio. Without audio,it won’t Render in Place. So, how can I add audio to this midi recording?

I would want to play it back on other equipment, not necessarily my Roland GP607 piano.

You cannot add audio to a MIDI recording, you can only render it into audio.
This is achieved by adding an Audio Track, and selecting your keyboard’s audio inputs as the Input.
You only have to record enable the Audio Track and press Record. The MIDI track will feed the keyboard and the audio it generates will be recorded to the Audio Track.
In this particular case, this isn’t really a rendering, but a real-time recording.
However if you use the keyboard as an External Instrument loaded into an Instrument Track, then you’ll be able to perform a Render in Place of the MIDI Parts, but you’ll still have to wait for it to play in real time, just that the audio file will be added to a new Audio Track automatically.

I just tried what you suggest, but no audio is recorded on the new audio track, as you can see on the attached screenshot.

First of all the MIDI Track shouldn’t be muted and Monitor disabled.
Is “Stereo In” the keyboard input ? When you play your keyboard by hand you should have a signal on this audio track…

No, the keyboard isn’t showing on the Audio track. It won’t allow me to change the input from Stereo In. I’ve tried typing in a different input, but it won’t accept what I’ve typed.

Because your keyboard in being in use as an External Instrument, you should add it under Inputs in the Audio Connections window.

The screenshot shows how it was set up.

This screenshot might be better,

Why don’t you just do that with an instrument track, since the keyboard is already added as an external instrument ? Just drag and drop your MIDI Part on it, then Ctrl+RightClick on the Part and choose Render in Place ! I feel like we are going in circles, yet what you want to achieve is very simple.

At last, that seems to have worked. I’m sorry that we were going round in circles, but you are an expert in Cubase and a lot of things must seem obvious to you. I’m just a musician using Cubase, but with limited experience in using it. There are a great many good facilities within it, which I personally would not need to use, hence it can be rather difficult finding one’s way around it.

It’s probably normal, but if I playback the Stereo Out (R) track on it’s with the others muted, It’s at a much lower volume that then the original.

Any thanks for all your valued help, which I very much appreciate. All the best. Brian

The easiest way to make it louder is to hover over the audio part with your mouse pointer. Then you will see a white square appear on the top of the part. Hold this and drag it up or down to make it louder or softer:

to adjust the recording level before you do the render you can use pre-gain in the mixer:


Thanks very much. I’ll try that.

Yes, that works. After doing Rendering in Place, the playback volume of the Stereo Out (R) track is normal when set to 0.0dB. However, after doing an Export Audio Mixdown of the same test project to both .wav and .mp3, there’s no sound on playback. I had clicked Realtime Export. All you can hear is a background buzzing sound. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

It looks like your midi part is muted. This is an option in the render dialog you change if you prefer. If it’s muted you can just right-click on the part and un-mute it. After that the audio export should work fine.

Your render track is on Monitor, so you don’t hear what’s on it but its input instead. Please disable Monitor.

Also you seem to have a terrible ground loop or electromagnetic interference, is the buzzing that loud to be noticeable ? You should try to fix it but that’s another topic.

I thought I had resolved my Rendering in Place problem by creating an new instrument track and dragging the midi track into it, as you had suggested, and had managed to get an audio signal in the Stereo Out (R) track. However, I have tried to do the same with other projects using the same procedure, but again I’m just getting a straight line (no signal). I have checked what I think are the most obvious things, but still no luck. I’m sorry to be a pain, but could you possibly steer me in the right direction so that I can get the audio signal on the Stereo Out (R) track. Something must have mysteriously and inadvertently changed. Incidentally, if I play my piano keyboard, I’m not getting any keyboard response in that Stereo Out (R) track, but do on the midi track. Any ideas?

Another thing I’ve noticed is, when doing the Rendering in Place, there’s no sound (playback) either on the piano or headphones.