Export Audio Mixdown weird behaviour

Hi everybody,
why does Cubase play my project during audio mixdown export even if I didn’t select export in real time option?
I didn’t change anything, not intentionally, but I can’t find a way to stop it…
Thank you for helping,

I reply to my self, in case it can be useful to someone: I had created an external effect and this caused the real time export, even if I deactivated it in the track; when I deleted the external effect in Audio Connection I eventually could export not in real time…

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What version of Cubase are you using and what format are you rendering down to?

Hi Oneway,
I’m using Cubase 11.5 pro and I was exporting an mp3 and a wav 44.1/16 at the same time but I solved the “issue” yet, as I wrote in my previous “self-reply”:

Thank you for answering, anyway! :pray:t2: :blush: