Export-Audio Mixdown / What am I doing wrong?

I’m trying to make an audio track from an existing MIDI track.
I’ve tried everything, but obviously still missing something.
Here’s my process:

  1. I have a MIDI track with 4 measures of music. In set to ALL, Out set to my sound card.
    This plays back properly. The locators are set at beginning and at the end of meas. 4
  2. I go to File/Export and choose “Audio Mixdown”
  3. I make the following choices: Name/Path/ and Wave File AudioEngineOut: 44.1 24bit, real-time export
    Under Import into Project I check Pool and Audio Track
  4. I hit the Export button, and the recording starts, runs through the four measures, (which I can hear)
    As this happens, I see the time-lapse indicator follow from left to right. No indication of any kind that
    anything went wrong.

But when I look at the resulting new audio track that has appeared in my project, it’s flat-lined… Nothing.

How many threads you going to start for the same issue? :confused:

That comment was not necessary. Thanks, but I simply thought that I had Titled it
wrong, and that a more precise question might get a better response.
By the way, how many hours do you spend going through threads??

If I understand you correctly, you have a midi file that you are playing through your sound card. You want to export that midi to audio…correct?

Do you have a VST selected or are you generating your sound through your sound card? If the latter, there is your issue. The only way you can “convert” midi to audio is through VSTs. Otherwise you have to actually “record” the midi to audio.

Hope that helps!

My MIDI track is playing my sound module (Roland XV3080). I want to use that particular sound
and convert it to an audio track. I’ve tried creating an audio track, directing the outs ,
arming it, and, as you suggest, recording it.
Still, I get nothing in my resulting audio track.

Oh, but it was. Not only that, it speaks to the root of the problem in general. You not noticing the Edit button in every post window of your’s speaks volumes to the reason you can’t get it all to work. You need to take a deep breath and go over the manual paying close attention to all the words.

Hubmus, dude/dudette - Mr. Mitten is saying in a nice way that if you put the same question across different threads, then the answers will be in different threads, and it will make it very hard for people who come after with the same problem to learn. Not to mention, taking up unneeded bandwidth on the forum.

As far as I know, you’ve gotten more detailed suggestions in the thread: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=4765 . Maybe best to keep it all there?

So you said you can hear the sound going to your XV3080.

Double check that your output from the XV3080 is going to the input of your audio card.

Create an audio track. In the audio track make sure you have the input for your audio selected as the source. If it has multiple input channels make sure the correct one is selected.

Select or arm your audio track.

Play your song…the input meter for your audio channel should show the input signal for your XV3080

Are you at least getting that? If the meter doesn’t show than you know your not getting the signal to the audio channel.


i know this aint solving you r problem but you could also try this way.this is from an old post.
, go to vst conections,set up an output bus and rename it internal (or whatever you want) and disconect it from the normal stereo out . so now you have a output bus which is disconected called internal. now go to the output bus of your vst instrument and change that to internal , now create a new empty audio track and change the input bus to internal ,turn on the monitor of the new track so that you can hear the vst, hit the record button on the new track and you can tweak your vst in real time while recording .

Things are looking promising. I’ve found the problem. My Focusrite sound card’s line inputs are
labeled 3 and 4, NOT 1 and 2, (as I had AssUMe…d). I added 3 and 4 in my set-up, and I’m now
getting an audio track.
Thanks all for your help !