This has to be a bug because I can’t find ANY sensible reason why Cubase 8.5.20 x64 would act this stupid with the Arranger Chain activated AND then performing an Audio Mixdown.

So what I am doing, is that I have “CUT AWAY” a part of the song like seen in the screen capture image of the Cubase project for my customer’s song, by applying the ARRANGER CHAIN to it, so that my customer can preview my mixing (cutting off a part of the song).

And what CUBASE does, is, that because the Mixdown of course SHOULD now be a few seconds shorter, then Cubase kind of continues the mixdown process from the BEGINNING of the project like as to “compensate” the cut-off time to make the downmixed song length EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT WOULD BE WITHOUT THE ARRANGER CHAIN ACTIVATED.

So here are the 2 separate mixdowns of the same Project:::::

First, the screwed-up mix with the Arranger Chain ACTIVATED (go right to the spot of 20 seconds before the ending!):

Then the mixdown WITHOUT the Arranger Chain (disabled):

So there You go. The 004-version continues playing from the beginning of the song because it is “shorter” in the middle!

Screen capture image of the Cubase Project:

Windows 7 SP1 x64 (with all the updates)
16GB of RAM

I have had SEVERAL PC’s with this same Cubase installed and with ALL the PC’s this problem has been present.

Unfortunately, Mixdown does not follow the arranger track, so you have to flatten.

It’s a missing function, rather than a bug.

What?? WHHHHHATTT??? I really can’t believe this…! OMG… WHY? WHY NOT?? What’s the reason NOT to?? I mean… Oh no no no nooo, Steiny… That’s really - and I mean REALLY - unbelievable by your side!!!

That is not even a bug - that is a HUGE SHAME to say the least. What were you guys thinking when not applying that feature?? Now comeon, get serious about your software and FIX THIS!

This really is the JOKE of the century :frowning: Phew…

EDIT:: So this must mean that when there are “parallel” arrangements then the mixdown would be cut in half, right??? :smiley:

EDIT2: Why isn’t the kind of a “DYNAMIC FLATTENING” implemented? Meaning Cubase would flatten it just on the “cache”? This really shouldn’t be too difficult? And what if I need to re-arrange the composition later after flattening? Do you have ANY idea what kind of an extra, unnecessary work that would cause? This is so annoyingly amateurish that I feel just like I had just been told that I actually were a woman. Not that I would have anything against playing with my own boobs all the time, but still!

EDIT3: I gotta share your quote on social media for sure… :wink:

Steve, I’ve found that the Flattening function to be one of the most useful editing functions I’ve ever had at my fingertips. … To be able to create ideas and then arrange and re-arrange them with the use of various chains is amazing. I love being able to flatten any number of those arrangements into new projects and build from there.

I just thought I’d mention that here. Thanks for all your help on the forums, Steve. :slight_smile: