Export Audio & Monitor Bug Returns

This drove me nuts for years, was fixed in C5 and now seems to be back in 6.05…

When you Export Audio and a track has monitor enabled, that track is not heard in the export.

Now -some- used to say this is a ‘feature’… and in fact some said you could actually ‘record’ to the Export… (which is bunk).

But it -was- fixed. And could it be fixed again?

Drives me nuts.


It is not “fixed” in C5, because it is not a bug, input monitor enabled tracks are switched to input, just like during “normal operation”.

I had this pointless argument for years… which is why I was so surprised when it showed up on the fix list. Wish I could remember which build now.

What -possible- use could there be for leaving monitor enabled tracks off of the export? It just doesn’t make sense.

And now I’m done… Just reporting for SB.