Export Audio Montage as wav?

Is there a way to export an audio montage as a wav file or do you have to burn a cd or create a ddp?

From the render dialog you can choose all kinds of export options, and wav is certainly one of them.

Thanks Arjan!

Hmmm… I was able to do this successfully once. I’m trying to render individual wav files from montage.

Under multiple sources/regions I get this error message, “The following file name is used twice, the operations cannot continue. Correct the file name and try again.”


This means you have duplicated clip or marker names.

Hi Philippe,

Sorry if this is obvious, but I’m not understanding.

I create the montage out of file clips. I set track markers. If there is an option to give them names, I don’t use it. So where am I using duplicate names?

There is a marker and a tool window. In those list, double click on the names to edit them.