Export Audio : Move Button To RIGHT side

This may be a total ‘eye-roller’ to some but one of the crappiest changes in C10 are the -needless- cosmetic UI updates which actually make things WORSE.

The ‘Go Ahead’ button at the bottom left of the Export Audio Window IS ON THE WRONG SIDE.

The whole ‘flow’ of the window is LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM. So I EXPECT that button to be at the LOWER RIGHT. Or -maybe- at the center.

But noooooooooooo… it’s intentionally at the bottom -left-. With a pointless white divider line. So my eye -never- gravitates there.

AND because SB stopped using the Windows-Developer recommended practice of having ‘Default Keys’ for every big action button like that, you can’t just hit on your keyboard to proceed. You -have- to move your head/mouse over to it to ‘do it’.

Yes I sound like a ‘snowflake’, but after almost 15 years with it working one way and now FOR NO REASON it changes?

Maddening. Unforced error.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease just move UI objects back to where they -were-. AND… for the love of God, implement Windows recommended Default and Accelerator Keys. I’ve only been waiting 16 years now.

No, you sound like a boring old fart who must be ignored at all costs. Your arguments are based on logic and experience, which makes them doubly irrelevant in this post-rational world. There will be a plethora of actual snowflakes along shortly to enlighten you that left is the new right, and why your opinion simply cannot be tolerated in this diverse community.

This whole dialog box has been a bit of a train wreck from when C10 dropped, in my view… almost like it was a Developer mock-up, presented for Supervisor/Line Manager approval first (to check against feature spec). But then, having got the ‘all clear’ and with deadlines looming, had to entirely miss out on a following (planned.?) design/layout/UX process stage.

Happily, I did read somewhere on the Nuendo pages a while ago from forum Mod Fredo, that these ‘flaws’ would be/are being looked at.

Fredo is still around? Cool.

Perhaps the price of buying Nuendo includes slightly better corporate communication.

Thanks for giving me one drop of hope. :wink:

Doesn’t bother me

IMHO Steinberg needs a major update where they do nothing except fix all the GUI impediments they’ve put in place recently. They need to stop, take a deep breath, and think about how people can make better use of all these wonderful features that have been delivered (or delivered incompletely). Do a major release with no new features, just concentrate on improving the Cubase workflow and finishing the features that were delivered half-baked.

The cynic in me thinks that if they ever did that, then nobody would ever upgrade again. Like that dude with SX3 on an XP laptop in the garden shed … as long as he never connects to the internet, happy days!

I understand what you’re saying :slight_smile:. But there is one way and only one way that Steinberg will ever shake the reputation of putting out a powerful DAW that is clunky to use, and that is to release an update where addressing that clunkiness is the major priority.

It’s not far-fetched. Microsoft Office changes stopped being relevant for 90% of users in 2010. I still use the old MS Word DOC format (2003) and I’ve literally -never- received a newer document which used features which were incompatible.

My point is that for long-time users, Cubase is already feature complete. People like me? We mostly upgrade out of habit -and- in the vain hope that the UI will get fixed.

I’ve had a list of dozens of ‘Annual Requests’ since about 2005. It’s no joke. Perhaps 5 or 6 have actually been implemented. If those don’t get implemented all I really need at this point? Clean up the UI.

+1 Enough said.

Regards. :sunglasses:

+1 - very annoying, same regarding the inconsistent “ESC”…

It could be so easy: just bring back the export-window from 9.5
“enter” does what this window is meant for: export audio.

(by the way: as a workaround you can apply a key command for “Perform Audio Export”).

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Very annoying. The reason we have standards, defacto standards and norms is because they are useful.

This is why we can’t have nice things anymore.

Every time I do an export, I mistakenly click on “do nothing” because I expect the export button to be there. Then I remember this thread and think “I’m not alone” :slight_smile:.