Export Audio - Multiple - DRY settings and Pre-Gain

Hi - the question had not been put here (if I checked the forum correctly) so I place it by myself :slight_smile:
I used the Pre-Gain settings (in EQ tab for the audio track) and lately I was asked for raw audio material from all the tracks. So I used the Export Audio Mixdown dialogue, Multiple tab and set the Effects field to “DRY”. Unfortunately I did not the check of all the WAV exported.
So I got the feedback from the other man one of the track was cut out in 0 dBFS and thus sounded corrupted. I checked the WAV file and he was correct. But the WAV used in the Project was correct - the peaks were between -6…-5 dBFS. After some ideas I found I uset the Pre-Gain knob to loud the material by 6.6 dB.
And this setting had been involved to Export process. If I understand correctly the manual the DRY setting in Export Audio Mixdown/Multiple dialogue bypasess “insert effects, EQ settings, etc.”. So the Pre-Gain section in EQ tab is not taken as a part of EQ module?
If this is correct behaviour then OK, I will just remember it. If not I suppose this shall be a bug then. I was working in C12; may anyone test this in C13 (I do not have a licence yet so I am not able to test it by myself)?
Many thanx for replies!

Uhm - sorry for bothering, the “Pre-Gain” is not a part of EQ tab as it is written in manual (it is PRIOR EQ and FX section).
So my overlooking and thus no problem at all.

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