Export Audio Multiple Sections as one file?

When I compose I’ll have lots of snippets in a very long CPR separated by many bars of ‘empty’ or ‘junk’. I would like to be able to select various sections and export them as a single file if possible.

  1. Can the Arranger Track do this? ie. Can one select various sections and then export those as a single file -without- ‘flattening’?

  2. In Export Audio, I see that one select multiple Cycle Markers for export. But they come out as separate files. Is there a way to have the Export combine them into a single WAV file?


Have you tried:

  1. selecting all relevant events
  2. menu File → Export → Selected Events…
  3. in the new dialog for mode chose “As one Event”

You can use Arranger track without flattening for this purpose. Just make Arranger Events and put them in Arranger Chain accordingly. But keep in mind, that your locators range should be equal to the sum of all Arranger Events length, or more. And if locators range will be longer, Cubase will start to render chain again from the beginning, till it mixdown the length, set with locators, so you should cut extra material from the file later.

As an alternative (I use this method sometimes) - you can flatten the Arranger Chain, then mixdown, then just Ctrl+Z flattening.

@Johnny_Moneto this method is good but it will keep empty space between selected events as it is. I suggest, that @suntower wants mixdown the project into one file, but with smaller empty breaks, than they actually are in the project

Thanks. I’ll give the Arranger Track a try. I’ll be Frank, Andrew (see what I did there? :smiley: ) I haven’t used it in many years because the ‘undo’ of which you speak often did not work exactly 100%.

So I guess my real question would be: have you tried that technique and does it ‘undo’ reliably?


Yes, undoing was fine every time. Honestly, I didn’t use it much, but from time to time, and never encounter that kind of issue. The bug you described really surprised me :thinking:
But I’m afraid, that there are not so many options to do what you want in other non-destructive ways in one go
As one more piece of advice - you can just back up your project before flattening and revert to that backed up one after mixdown