Export Audio - New Export Range broken

In the new Export Audio dialog box the Export Range section is broken - it comes up empty with no cycle range or markers.

We can see from the videos what it should be like - here is mine in Safe Mode (so that don’t help) -

Can we get this fixed quickly - it is the main feature of the upgrade :cry:

Are you sure that the specific cycle marker track is activated? can’t tell because of your track size.

Notice that there’s both a LR cycle set in the arrangement and a marker track - both should populate but there’s nothing.

You only get that check box when you have two or more marker tracks - my screenshot has one so there’s no checkbox

OK - so it looks like you can get Cycle Markers when created within a Marker Track to show up, but LR locators / cycle doesn’t show in the Locators tab - everything is always just greyed out in there.

Reading the manual I think this is by design but it’s very strange - why not show the LR locators range and let this info be added to the export and shown in the Queue? This way you could set the locators around a section A, add the export to the queue, move the locators to section B and add to the queue etc.

One problem I’m definitely having is graphics based in the Inspector -
Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 15.02.28.png
Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 15.14.55.png
The arrow often won’t open up for you to see your markers - you have to use the separate Markers Window or toggle the inspector window.


Even if you select you want to export the Locators range, the Cycle Markers are visible in the list bellow.

I would try to trash preferences.