Export Audio Not Working

This is a new problem for me, and it seems to only exist on this one project.

I go to “Export” > “Audio Mixdown” and attempt to create an MP3 file of my mix (just like I always do) and it only creates the first few bars or so, and then the rest of the mp3 is just silence for the exact amount of time of the length of my mix.

I pulled up other projects and was able to perform this function with no issues.

In this particular project, I’m using East West Samples and some Korg and Steinberg softsynths. So it’s all MIDI…no recorded audio.

Anybody know what could be wrong here?



Now I’m having this issue with another song.

I’ve got some MIDI tracks and some audio tracks, and when I export audio to mp3, all I get is like the first bar of MIDI drums and then it’s just the MIDI keyboards and guitars that I recorded. Ughghghg.